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Eviction Moratorium Ending 7/31

On July 31, 2021, the nationwide eviction moratorium will end. Clients who owe back rent, are facing eviction, or are in need of other assistance are encouraged to utilize the resources below:

  • The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) can offer help with past due rent, security deposits, moving aid and more. You can learn more about the ERAP program here.  
  • This Step-by-Step Guide for People at Risk of Evictionput together by the US Interagency Council on Homelessness.  

Welcome to the NCCHA Tenant Portal...

Tenants can now check and update their information, complete certifications, upload documents, check the status of payments and more on the NCCHA Tenant Portal.

Check out the slideshow below for a walk-through of the Home screen, which gives an overview of what tenants can use the Portal to do. We are also working on additional how-to's covering each are of the portal in further detail so that our clients can make the most of it.

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Need HELP Finding a Place? 

The county's Housing Everyone Locator Program (NCC HELP) works to connect families in need of housing with safe and affordable options that can work with vouchers and other programs. NCCHA tenants with open vouchers can contact the HELP Coordinator for assistance with finding the right place to move. Further details and contact info can be found on the NCC HELP page.

Clients: Report Changes As Soon As Possible! 

In order for changes to Rent to take effect the following month, you must report any changes in employment/income or household composition by the 15th of the month. Examples:

  • If a decrease change is received on July 8, the change in tenant payment will be for August 1.
  • If the change is not received until July 16, the change in tenant payment will be effective September 1.

We are now performing Annual Re-Certifications by Mail

Clients will receive their Re-Cert Packet in the mail and must either return it, completed and signed, or request a time for an office appointment.

Updated 7/16/2021

Current Tenant Forms

Reasonable Accommodations Forms