New Plans

What’s Behind that Yellow Sign?The Department of Land Use requires 4-foot by 4-foot yellow informational signs to be posted in a conspicuous location for each proposed development plan during the review process.  These signs include a detailed depiction of the proposed project and contact information for the applicant.

The following plans have been submitted to the Department most recently, typically within the past two weeks, and are listed by Council District. To view more information, please click on the project description. 

All currently active plans may also be found in the list of all Active Plans.

Council District 3

Southwesterly corner of Skyline Drive and Limestone Road.
Minor Land Development Plan to show modifications to a previously recorded plan, to remove a fenced section along the building and outdoor garden center, and add additional parking, parking islands with landscape and sidewalk. Pike Creek Shopping Center – K-Mart Shell. CR Zoning. (App. 2021-0443-S)

Council District 6

South side of Smyrna Landing Road, 2,700 feet west of Paddock Road.
Minor Subdivision Plan to subdivide existing 11.00 acre site into two (2) new lots and dedicated right-of-way. Cioci Subdivision. SR Zoning (App. 2021-0427-S)

West side of Paddock Road, 2100 feet north of Walker School Road intersection.
Site Plan to develop parcel into ground mounted solar fields. Blendt Farm Large Scale SES. SR Zoning. (App. 2021-0447-S)

East and West sides of Route 9, 3100 feet south of Deakyneville Road.
Site Plan to develop parcels into a ground mounted solar field. Freepoint Solar/Cedar Creek – Rowland Farm. SR Zoning. (App. 2021-0448-S)

Council District 7

East side of Airport Road, 300 feet north of Meadow Road.
Site Plan to construct a Septage receiving station building assembly and regrade pavement areas to access building. NCC Septage Station. I Zoning. (App. 2021-0452-S)

Council District 8

West side of Society Drive, north side of Naamans Road.
Minor Subdivision Plan to create a subdivision of Tax Parcel 06-036.00-117-C004 to separate existing office use from recreation use. Presidential Towers. NCap Zoning. (App. 2021-0455-S)

Council District 9

West side of St. Francis Street, east side of Lindell Boulevard and St. James Church Road intersection.
Minor Subdivision Plan to subdivide existing parcels into three (3) lots for single family detached dwelling. 2401 St. James Church Road. NC6.5 Zoning. (App. 2021-0422-S)

Council District 12

Southeasterly corner of Dupont Highway and Port Penn Road.
Minor Land Development Plan to combine tax parcels to develop property as Royal Farms with associated parking and stormwater management facilities. Royal Farms Store #379. CN Zoning. (App. 2021-0444-S)