Jester Park

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Jester Park Aerial MapProject Description:

Jester Park is a 31-acre open space located off Grubb Road, just south of the Naaman’s Road intersection. New Castle County is currently exploring options for further development of this park.

Current Phase:

Jester House: Under Construction

Park Pathway: Design and Planning

Project Documents:

October 13, 2021, Public Meeting Webinar Recording

October 13, 2021, Public Meeting Presentation

December 15, 2020 HRB Update Presentation

January 16, 2020, Public Meeting Presentation

January 2020 Proposed Park Design

January 2020 Conceptual Park Overview Map

December 2019 Jester House Parking Plan

Recent Project Updates:

September 14, 2021: Due to continued material delays, the window fabricator has informed us that windows will not be shipped until Jan ’22 and doors will be shipped in Nov ’21.  In order to keep as close as possible to the schedule, the windows will be boarded up and temporarily sealed so that interior fit-out can begin for the Jester ArtSpace.

Below is an updated schedule:

  • Week of 9/13
    • Exterior wall insulation should begin to be applied
    • Exterior painting of trim and siding
    • Delmarva installation of the transformer and pole
    • Begin Mechanical system tie-in into the building
    • Finishing and painting of the vestibule trim
  • Week of 9/20
    • Continue with exterior wall insulation
    • Finish exterior painting
    • Complete mechanical tie-in into building
    • Finish concrete steps 
    • Finish vestibule trim
    • Clean site and repair grass and soil
  • Week of 9/27
    • Get temporary Certificate of Occupancy for Jester ArtSpace.

Jester Park House