The Power of Nature

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The Power of Nature is a weekly series of themed enrichment activities designed to be enjoyed by the whole family both to supplement remote learning and create opportunities for families to do things together and discover the amazing world of nature right outside your door.

It’s spring, and that’s a good thing! We’re launching a new series next week with activities focusing on exploring nature in your yard and neighborhood through crafts and activities designed to help you find solace in nature. These lessons, designed by a certified Horticultural Therapist, are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Do one project, or do them all. This series is intended to be at your own pace. Pick what interests you most and spend as much time on it as you like!

Lessons will be shared daily beginning Monday, April 6, or you can subscribe to the Happenings Email Newsletter and get the entire weekly lesson plan on Mondays.

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Please note: while exploring your neighborhood it is important to observe recommended social distancing guidelines.

Spring's the Thing

Copy of Hello Nature!

WOWs of Winter

Wows of Winter

Celebrating Winter Solstice

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Week 1: Hello Nature!

Hello Nature

Week 2: Grow!


Week 3: For the Birds!

For the Birds

Earth Day Supplement

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Week 4: Backyard Adventure


Week 5: Flower Power


Week 6: Art in Nature

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