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Rockwood is a 160-year-old estate that is now a public park, historic garden, and house museum. At Rockwood, your class will explore American history, technology, and science through the lens of life at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

The mansion, built by a wealthy merchant banker, is a wonderful example of Rural Gothic architecture. The style of the historic garden is designed to look like an English park, and is unique to Delaware. The museum tells the story of the Bringhurst family, a wealthy family who lived at Rockwood at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

Field trips to Rockwood are open to all schools, as well as homeschool and scouting groups with a class minimum of 10 and maximum of 60. All programs are $4 a child. Teachers and chaperones receive free admission. Please call 302-761-4340 for more information. You can choose one of the programs below or contact us for an individualized program.

History: The Life of a Rockwood Servant
How was being a servant at Rockwood different from being a part of the family? What were the rules you had to follow? Learn what it took to keep a house and estate like Rockwood in good working order. American History, Technology, Social Studies. 1.5 hours.

Technology/History: Life at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
What was it like before smartphones, microwaves, and unlimited streaming video? Learn about the tools and instruments used in everyday life, how people passed the time, and how life at the turn of the Twentieth Century differed from the way we live today. American History, Technology, Social Studies. 1.5 hours.

Science: Garden Tours
Use all of your senses to explore the grounds at Rockwood. The park has over 27 species of trees, abundant plant life, and three aquatic habitats. Participate in a stream watch or take a walk and learn all about our flora and fauna. Science, History. 1.5 hours.

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