Small Estates

If the deceased's assets are less than $30,000, and there is no real estate in his/her name alone, the Register of Wills Office issues a Small Estate Affidavit to transfer the assets of your loved one. It allows you to take possession of a deceased person's solely owned personal property and also allows you to transfer titles of motor vehicles, trailers, and boats from the deceased's name to another person.

The named executor in the decedent's will who is not disqualified by the provisions set forth in § 1508 of this title and next-of-kin (see definition below) of a decedent shall have the right upon the death of the decedent.

Next of Kin – 1.) the nearest blood relatives of a person who has died, including the Surviving spouse. 2.) Anyone who would receive a portion of the estate by the laws of descent and distribution if there were no will – blood related 3.) Legally adopted children.

Small Estate Forms