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What is the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)?

The New Castle County SYEP is a ten week summer youth employment program designed to engage low income New Castle County residents, 14-20 years of age in having a productive summer, filled with work-based learning that helps to launch their careers.  Youth are exposed (many for the first time) to the world of work that enables them to learn about the variety of occupations available, in and around New Castle County. 

Who is eligible to participate as a worksite partner?

Any organization type: community based; non-profit; private sector; public sector; or government is able to partner with New Castle County as a worksite partner. 

Who is responsible for paying the youth?

New Castle County pays the youth. Your business will benefit from having a highly motivated youth in your workplace while providing them a crucial career building opportunity at no cost to you, however, there is an opportunity to support the New Castle County SYEP financially if you desire.

How many hours can the youth work, and how much are they paid?

Each youth has the opportunity to work between 20-25 hours a week, earning $10.10 per hour from mid-June through mid-August.

How are the youth selected to work in the program?

Applications become available in early February and can be accessed on-line, and submitted via participation in various processing events.  Youth are selected via multiple criteria including geographic location, alignment with education and career goals, and worksite partner specifications.

Is there a screening process to ensure the youth are ready for work?

Based on the information you provide on your application, SYEP staff work to place youth in areas that align with their career goals.  Additionally, all participants are required to attend an orientation prior to placement at a worksite.  The orientation includes soft skill training such as time management, communication, professionalism, as well as policies and procedures of the program.

What assistance is provided to my organization while participating as a worksite partner?

As a worksite partner you will receive:

Worksite partner SYEP orientation, employer handbook, and an employer liaison (SYEP Coordinator) assigned to your organization to assist with any needs that may arise during the program. 

What are my responsibilities as a worksite partner in the SYEP?

  • Provide a job description, responsibilities, and performance targets for each position.
  • Place youth in meaningful employment opportunities.
  • Help youth acquire the personal attributes, knowledge and skills needed to obtain a job by serving as a mentor within the workforce.
  • Provide adequate supervision to ensure a safe and successful work experience.
  • Provide leadership development opportunities which encourage responsibility and other positive social behaviors.
  • Prepare and submit timely reports to the County as required, not limited to timesheets, youth assessments and program surveys.
  • Direct supervisors must attend the worksite partner SYEP orientation.

What criteria will be used to select worksite partners?

New Castle County SYEP worksites partners will be selected on the following criteria:

  • A clearly stated mission.
  • Explicit work plan with fully defined programming for the entire period.
  • Accessibility of leadership via e-mail and phone
  • Demonstrated ability to manage, accurately monitor and submit payroll data.
  • Variety of skills developed, range of duties and tasks performed by the summer youth.
  • Ability to expose youth to industry training beyond the current workplace for summer youth in order to encourage professional and personal growth.

How does my organization sign up to participate as a worksite partner for the SYEP?

Complete the application under the Worksite Partner Resources section and submit via email to

If you have any additional questions; please contact NCC Summer Youth Employment Program at (302) 395-5888

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